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What's New on Life's Roller Coaster

Meditation 101

How often, how long, how do you, meditate? I've had these questions posed more than once in my lifetime. When I was a church going man it was called devotions. But that didn't make it any easier. For over thirty years I was told that it was essential to either have devotions (when I used to attend a church)

Loneliness 101

Loneliness! is being called the modern plague. Here are some of the sources I found as I researched this blog post: In 2010 the Mental Health Foundation found loneliness to be a greater concern among young people than the elderly. The 18 to 34-year-olds surveyed were more likely to feel lonely often, to worry about feeling alone and to

What’s Next?

Those who've followed me for a while now will have seen me refer to an event that happened to me back in March/April 2010. I don't think I've shared details like I am about to. Although, I still am leaving out a lot of detail purposely, because that's how forgiveness works! I had really

Milla Brown – I Just Want People To Accept Me For Who I am.

I sat down at the computer a while ago wondering what I would write today. I know I haven't been very regular at this in the last months. That is just the way it is with the roller coaster ride. Sometimes you're up; sometimes you're down. Sometimes the ride is exciting; sometimes the ride

Family Day – February 2015

Just a very few years ago, British Columbia joined other provinces in Canada to create a new holiday (or as it is from the original Holy-day). Today, February 9th, 2015 is Family Day. Just over thirty years ago (I can hardly believe it) someone stepped into my life just at the best possible moment, and

The Grit of Life

My good friend Kim posted this to her Facebook Timeline today. I felt it resonate so powerfully that I had to comment on it. I said, Like grit in a oyster. Great things can come from the unexpected irritations in life. It is also when we see the real friends and family in our lives. My

Life Happens

Life's a funny thing. Growing up I had no fantasy that life was easy. It was difficult for me as far back as I could remember. What was a fantasy was that there were so many people out there that had it sooooooo easy and all I had to do was find the magic
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