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What's New on Life's Roller Coaster

Letting off Steam

A familiar expression? This weekend I've been enjoying a to visit Harrison Hot Spring with my Son. It is thought that the purpose of hot springs like these and like others around the planet, is to help the earth to let off steam; not just provide us with a wonderful place to luxuriate. Apparently it helps

Be Present and In the Moment…

...even if you don't want to! Especially if you don't want to. I woke up this morning feeling really down. That's not all that unusual for the last few months. I have been doing battle with depression as many of you know. It has been hard to see any positives in life. It has caused my creative

In With The New & Out With The Old

That's an expression I can well remember from my childhood. I still hear it from time to time. But not that often anymore. When we think about New Year's we often hope that the succeeding year will be a better one; especially if the passing year wasn't what we had hoped for. Rarely does time explicitly mark a good year

Good Grief! Christmas…

Odd name for a post? Not really. In the last year I've had the privilege of working in funeral services again. My last very short stint was in 2000. Oddly, both stints have come during major upheaval and change in my own life. Hmm...since I don't believe in coincidence perhaps not so odd. Watching other

Christmas Eve – 2014

Here we are! Another Christmas Eve. And it's been 110 days since I last posted. This has been a very full and lesson-filled year for me and a very challenging one. I have had many lessons to learn. I do hope that in the Universal School of Lives I have learned my lessons well, not

Love Improves You

Author Marianne Williamson says that there are only two forces in the universe: Love and fear. Having that in mind have a look at this jewel again. When we operate in fear it doesn't feel good. When we’re around a person who's operating from a place of fear it doesn't feel good. Yet for

Lift Others

Robert Green Bob Ingersoll was a Civil War veteran, American political leader, and orator during the Golden Age of free thought, noted for his broad range of culture and his defence of agnosticism. He was nicknamed The Great Agnostic. Isn't it wonderful that the universe has such a great sense of humour! The author of
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