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Believe With Your Heart!

Over the last few years I have come to completely rely on my heart. Now I don’t mean that silly girlish romantic muck. I mean that feeling deep down when you know you’re on the wrong path or that someone is not to be trusted. When I’ve walked away from that I have regretted it. And I still walk away from it…often….too often.

The happiest people, big or small, believe with their hearts!Believe With Hearts

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Heart Ontrack

Gosh that’s a tough one! As I learn more and more about my intuitive abilities I learn more and more that trusting my heart, gut, intuition, sixth sense, whatever the label shows me that this is the secret to less and less stress and more and more peace. I am reading an excellent book right now by Sonia Choquette called Trust Your Vibes. Wow! Powerful stuff!

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Creation Tools

Creation ToolsThis has nothing to do with the power of manifestation (well it does actually) or The Secret or any of the stuff that’s out there really. It’s just simple fact. Our world has become so that we don’t need imagination; just turn on the TV or internet. We need MORE encouragement. We also need to encourage more.

With the right tools we truly can create anything. In fact with the right tools we can help each other create anything. Try it for someone else if not for yourself. Remember as a child. “You can do it….come on just peddle!” Well let’s do it for each other okay?

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Absolutely Inspiring Speech

Some of you will know Dustin Lance Black as the guy that is dating diver Tom Daley from when he made his OUTING announcement only a few months ago. Some may even know him for being the writer of MILK. And then some may never have heard of him at all. But this speech from a formerly shy boy will bring tears to your eyes, I’m sure.

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I Have a Story

IMG_3003The second verse of the well-known prose Desiderata, written in 1927 - almost one hundred years ago. There has been much to do these days about the phrases, your truth, my truth, their truth, etc… But it’s not a new saying at all. But there is something that is new. It’s found in the first few words…Speak (it) quietly and clearly. I am so tired of having other people’s truth shoved down my throat, terrifying everyone around them the louder they shout and using what is thought to be credible references to do so. Stop it, please. Yes, go ahead, speak your truth…quietly and clearly.

And while you’re at it (or I’m at it for that matter) listen to others, even those you think are dull and ignorant (because if you don’t that makes you ignorant…and dull too for that matter). THE TRUTH is we ALL have a story (our truth) to tell.

Here’s my word to you:

If you will speak your truth quietly and clearly,
I will listen.
If you listen,
I will speak my truth quietly and clearly.


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Being Amazing

A number of years ago a great lady came into my life. She has since left and I wish she hadn’t. She not only got me to understand what living a life of integrity was through Landmark Education, she taught me something and I’ve kept it alive ever since: If you can’t show up AMAZING, then don’t show up at all! Yes we all have off days but that doesn’t mean we can’t still be AMAZINGSometimes it takes AMAZING just to show up.

So now that’s the way it works for me. Angela, if you are out there and someone passes this along to you…THANK YOU!

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Are You Stuck?

Are You Stuck?Being a Cancerian true to nature, I really don’t like a lot of change. Being a recovering codependent I also can attest that I have stayed too long when it was time to leave, close up shop, burn the ship!

But because I am recovering I have learned to say good-bye when it’s time. I have learned this lesson.


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Coming Full Circle

Although forgiveness and love reign, it all had its fallout including a change in career, then health which led to no career and the closing of my consulting firm and disability, financial crisis then near financial disaster and enormous growth spiritually. It feels like I have come full circle back to being single, back to ministry, back to basics, back to my connection with our Higher Power and myself. 

These are the words that I wrote as I was writing an email the other day to two friends. No, I’m not in denial. The last 4 years have been quite the roller coaster ride! You’ve followed me for some of that, only having this blog for the last 14-15 months. But it has been quite a ride indeed. Not always the laughs and screams that come with the highs. But also the stomach wrenching, nerve rattling feelings of those all too quick turns and upside down manoeuvres.

I do feel as though I have come full circle in the most important area of my live; my spirituality. I grew up with a very spiritual mother who was a strong Christian. She wasn’t perfect by any stretch of the imagination. But then again, if I get it right, the teachings of Jesus don’t tell us to be perfect, but to be perfected. 

I am grateful for those strong roots. Even as I walked away through shunning filled with shame and anger, I always knew it would work out somehow. Over the last few years I have really begun searching again. I’ve never stopped believing in God, or whatever you call him. I’ve always believed that there was a Higher Power. I just haven’t always understood (like most of us) what that looked like or how it played out in my life.

I have also known that there was a plan. But again, I just didn’t know what it was. To be truthful, even with what I think I know now, I actually still know nothing. I’m not sure what today will bring, let alone tomorrow, the next day, next year or the next decade. But I do know that I am part of a plan.

So, full circle, yes. I feel as though having started with a good grounding in things spiritual I have returned to that I know that primarily we are all spiritual beings in human form living a life this way. I have returned to that and have grown tremendously in that.

I was 21 when I entered seminary. I had just over ten years in ministry before resigning very disillusioned. I then went into lay ministry and became even more disillusioned. Then came a long ride. Now as I work in the funeral industry, study to be certified as a Life Cycle Celebrant and have already started “ministering” by conducting funerals, memorials, celebration of life ceremonies I feel I have returned to ministry. But this time with more wisdom and insight into life and my life in particular; in spirituality and all things Spirit.

Full CircleMY TRUTH: Seeing this cycle, or full circle gives me faith that there is a bright future ahead.

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