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Love Improves You

Love Improves YouAuthor Marianne Williamson says that there are only two forces in the universe: Love and fear. Having that in mind have a look at this jewel again. When we operate in fear it doesn’t feel good. When we’re around a person who’s operating from a place of fear it doesn’t feel good. Yet for some strange reason we still hang around.
Now I’m not condoning just getting up and running at the first sign of trouble. It is too easiness just to walk away from relationships; whether they are business friendship or intimate relationships. I’m not talking about moments of turmoil. I’m not talking about the spat that you had with your husband because he forgot to put the cap on the toothpaste.
What I’m talking about here staying in situations that are unhealthy over long periods of time. You can still love a person and be at a distance. You can still help that same person and not be in close proximity all the time.
If that person or situation is working from the stance of fear it will only drain you. So get out of there. If it’s not making you better it isn’t love!
So why don’t we stay? Is it because of love? Or is it because of fear? Often times fear where’s icing sugar that looks like love. But underneath it still is a stale old cake that is rotting and needs to go. Fear is that rushing cake. I know in retrospect in my own life, whether it was private or business I often over stayed because I was afraid of leaving. I was afraid I wouldn’t find another job. I was afraid I wouldn’t find another friend. I was afraid!
I said before that I often learned my lessons because the Universe has to hit me with a 2 x 4. I think I’m learning. I hope I’m learning. Because what I have learned is that one I operate from the place of love I have no need to fear. I have learned Love makes you more of what you are, not less. Thank you Marianne. Thank you lessons in life.

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Lift Others

Lift OthersRobert Green “Bob” Ingersoll was a Civil War veteran, American political leader, and orator during the Golden Age of free thought, noted for his broad range of culture and his defence of agnosticism. He was nicknamed “The Great Agnostic.”
Isn’t it wonderful that the universe has such a great sense of humour! The author of this jewel didn’t believe in any higher power, yet he wrote and we quote such a powerful Universal principle. Just another example of the Universe working in spite of us.
Have you ever been scheduled to go out and do something like visit someone? Perhaps that someone isn’t always easy to be around. Perhaps they’re sad. Perhaps they’re depressed. Perhaps they’re sick. You just don’t feel like it today. But you do it anyway. You go and you do the visit. You spend time with that person. Oddly, when you get home you feel great. Why is that? It is because we are lifting others.
Remember, the Universe can and will work in spite of us. But why work that way? Why not let the Universe work because of us?

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Life’s Unfolding


Life's UnfoldingIs there something in your life that you really want? Is there a goal that you’re trying to reach? Is there a place you want to travel to? Are you looking for a relationship? Sometimes we see the Universe, or God, as some sort of Supernatural Santa Claus. But that’s just not true. It would be nice if it was.


At the same time, Universal law teaches us the same lesson that Jesus taught. He already knew, understood and lived this law. You have not because you ask not. And, ask and it will be given onto you. Seek and you will find. Knock and the door will be opened.


I have come to learn that the Universe does not equal Santa Claus. Yet at the same time, I have learned that the Universe is extremely generous and is just waiting for us to ask, seek, knock.


There is a balance here though. The balance between fantasy and reality. Many get turned off of spirituality because they see it as fantasy. Why is that? It is because we humans, flawed as we are, continue to create God instead of letting God create us, for us, in us.


When we choose to live in Spirit our desires can only reflect what Spirit desires for us. So when someone who lives close to spirit asks, seeks, Knocks, he or she will only ask for their highest good. It is then that we see the constant unfolding of new desires and then constant alignment to those desires both from the Universe and ourselves.


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Lies Hurt Forever

Lies Hurt ForeverI often say I can tolerate a fool. But I have no time for liars! At least a fool has an excuse for being who they are. But lying is calculated and planned out. It has to be. Even if it’s on the spur of the moment the calculation is “Lie=self preservation+time to run+time to lie some more to cover this lie”.

I know, I’ve done it. We all have. I remember when I was a kid I went through that stage where I would tell lies to people like they were facts. My mother was a gifted intuitive who could push through a lie like tissue paper. She would ask me a question, “Why are you late home from school?” I would answer, “I had detention.”

“For what?”

“I don’t know. The teacher was mean!”

“So how did you get home?”

“I walked along the train tracks.”

“That does it! They know that you live far from the damn school. They can’t just keep you after class and not call me. I was worried!!! (Notice the emotional guilt here). “I’m going to call that principal and God help them!”

She knew darn well that I was lying. She picks up the phone and I start crying. The school never did get a call. But I sure got a licken’.

Later I would learn the significance of that small yet painful lesson. I would learn that a lie could not just hurt me, but hurt the very people I love. And it would cause them to lose trust.

I had a person once who lied constantly about what they were doing that was not supposed to be happening. When I’d figure it out my ‘trust metre’ would drop. 100% to 50%. Then if they were lucky it may climb again in time to 60% or even 80%. But then the same old lie happened. The trust metre would drop to 35%. Then over time it may go up again. Then a lie would drive it back down. Each time, trust would be taken away and never come back. Each time, that became more and more. So much so that when the metre broke I terminated that relationship. I will never trust that person again. I can’t even have them anywhere near my life again because, even with forgiveness, trust can never be restored.

You know what I’m talking about. You’ve had it happen. Perhaps you’ve been the victim. Perhaps you’ve been the culprit. We all have.

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Let Your True Colours Shine Through

imageThe last few years have not been the easiest roller coaster ride for me. Probably for some of you who read this too. I have gone through a complete turnover of life once before, when I came out of the closet in 2000. I learned then and re-learned in these last few years who my REAL friends were. And amazingly who was willing to befriend me, even with my heaviness of spirit, my moments of utter bawling, my times of just plain giving up!

I’m reminded of a remix of True Colours that was done recently. You can listen to it here:


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LaughOur lives have become quicker, easier, instantaneous. The world has grown smaller. We can have many more ‘friends’ than is actually possible with such things as Facebook, Twitter and other social media. We can earn more, spend more, borrow more.

Yet, oddly, we seem to be laughing less? Why is that?

I have had a life that has had plenty and little or none. I have had trials and tribulations, like anyone. Yet no matter what station of life I have managed to attain it is the ability to laugh that makes it so much more liveable.  So go ahead…laugh!


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My Hero!

Well one of many. This lad, Kevin has become one of my heroes. Someone so young and so strong, yet so fragile, standing up for what is wrong in our world and doing all he can to help make it right…or at least okay. Bless you Kevin.

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It’s YOUR Journey, Not Theirs

This Jewel runs along the same lines as the posting I did last week about stories. We all have our own points of view. We all have our own truth. We all have our own journey to walk. I saw a movie some years ago. It wasn’t a spectacular movie. But it did have a point, which I like. It was called Vantage Point. A huge event was taking place and the movie was shot from several vantage points. It was the exact same event. It had the exact same players. It had the exact same outcome. But the vantage points were all different, showing different sides to the story.

Life is like that. Our journeys are like that. A couple may be together for 60 years. They have lived everyday with each other. They have eaten together, played together, raised children together; but from a different vantage point. Their truth may be slightly (or possibly hugely) different.

Their journey is different, even though they walk the same road. Remember that when you about to judge someone. Remember that when someone judges you.

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