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What's New on Life's Roller Coaster


You know, the Universe/God/Goddess, has a way of showing up just at the perfect moment. As you know I've been on the job hunt for several months (18+). Well, yesterday the Universe rewarded my patience and persistence with a new position (alliteration anybody). I will be working for The Chemainus Theatre Festival. I am

Victoria Day

As I sit on my deck today I am sure I must be toasting by now. The day is absolutely glorious with all the wonderful sounds of summer; birds chirping and tweeting their songs to one another and us, neighbours talking to each other for the first time in a list of wonderful summer

Lift Others

Robert Green Bob Ingersoll was a Civil War veteran, American political leader, and orator during the Golden Age of free thought, noted for his broad range of culture and his defence of agnosticism. He was nicknamed The Great Agnostic. Isn't it wonderful that the universe has such a great sense of humour! The author of

Choose Wisely

A bit late. Mother's Day has passed once again. Many of us owe our lives, who we are to someone special be it a mentor, father or mother. Although she wasn't perfect she had a HUGE impact on who I am today. Miss you Mum (1921-1995). Link: Tribute To

Small Miracles

As I was driving to work this morning I decided to cut off the Parkway at the bottom end of Nanaimo and drive through town, even though I was running late. Usually I feel a bit more confident that I will arrive a bit earlier using the Parkway. As it turns out I was

Hurry Up and Wait!

I dislike intensely the waiting process. It's as if the Universe is sitting back having a good old laugh at my expense. Well that was a weird picture in my mind. You see, I know that I am supposed to be moving forward to ......something..... Just what that something is I don't know. And

Take Your Own Time

Yesterday morning I finished a wonderful book called Walking Home by Sonia Choquette. I highly recommend it to you. A few years ago, noted Intuitive, Sonia Choquette had three major blows in her personal life within the space of three years. First she received a call saying that her brother had died. Six weeks
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